Budo Karate-Do South Africa

Budo Karate-Do South Africa teaches the Shito-Ryu form of karate and has clubs

Situated in the Hillcrest, Waterfall, Westville, Pinetown, Bluff, Scottburgh areas of Kwa-Zulu Natal and Kempton Park Gauteng, South Africa.

Instruction in karate is also held at many schools.

“True victory is victory over one’s self”

Karate is a fighting technique that makes use of the body’s natural weapons and thus the Japanese term for Karate being “Empty Hand”.


Budo Karate-Do South Africa is a full member of Karate South Afirca (KSA) and also a full member of the World Karate Federation (W.K.F.)


In brief, Shito-ryu was founded by Kenwa Mabuni who originally studied under Yasutsune Itosu and also under Kanryo Higashionna.


  • richard Richard Salmon (Hanshi) - Budo Karate-Do South Africa is a full member of Karate South Afirca (KSA) and also a full member of the World Karate Federation (W.K.F.), which is the world body controlling semi-contact karate. Bodokan South Africa was founded by Hanshi Richard Salmon in the early 1960 and he was one of the pioneers of early karate […]
  • senseis1 Kelvin Daniels (Shihan) Chief Instructor - Kelvin Daniels was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania on 30 December 1954. He was educated at Westville Boys High School outside of Durban. At age 13 he started his Karate career with Budokan and training under Sensei Vic Sykes and the late Sensei Ray Ryan. In 1974 as a brown belt, he changed styles to train with Sensei […]
  • senseis2 Kim Heaton (Sensei) - Sensei Kim Heaton was born in Durban on 25th June 1976. She attended Westville Girls’ High, which is where she was introduced to karate in 1990 (age 13) by Sensei Barry Anderson from Sankukai Karate. She trained until her 2nd Kyu Brown Belt (Dec 1993) and stopped due to her studies. In 2002, she started training again in Sankukai […]
  • tracy Tracy Staples (Sensei) - • Graded to Nidan 1998 • SA Champ for Kata and Kumite 1986-1992 • Holds Natal Provincial Colours • Graded to Sandan September 2014
  • denice Denise Joubert (Sensei) - • Graded to Sandan September 2014
  • marg Marguerite Huson (Sensei) - Sensei Marguerite started training at the age of 42. Her son was an active karateka and instead of sitting on the sidelines watching him, she decided to join the class, and has been involved ever since. In 2007, Sensei John Ferreira decided to retire, and Sensei Marguerite, and two others, took over his club. A […]
  • joos Joos Huyzers (Sensei) - Sensei Joos started karate back in 1982 under the late Shihan Ray Ryan of Budo-ryu and Sensei’s Louis and Johnny van Schalkwyk. The two Van Schalkwyk brothers changed their style in the late 80’s and joined up with JKF Itosu-kai (Shito-ryu). After Sensei Joos and his family moved to Louis Trichardt in 1991 he joined […]
  • grant Grant Thompson (Sensei) - I started training under Sensei Marguerite Huson as a way to keep fit and spend time with my son when the karate bug bit! I’m currently a Shodan (1st Dan) which I was awarded by Shihan Kelvin Daniels at our 2015 Gashku. I’m also a qualified Table Official.   Contacts: Phone: 076 754 7881 Email:  karategt1@gmail.com
  • eden Eden Jackson (Sensei) - • Graded 1st Kyu Brown belt – August 2013 • Provincially qualified Table Official • Graded to Shodan – September 2014
Latest News

  • letterhead HIGHWAY PINAN/HEIAN KATA CHALLENGE 2017 - HIGHWAY PINAN/HEIAN KATA CHALLENGE 2017 Dear Karateka and Parents We are holding our extremely successful Highway Pinan/Heian Kata Challenge once again. As you recall from last year, the idea behind the challenge is to emphasize the importance of basic katas, to level the playing fields and above all, to have great fun. We would like […]
  • scottburgh-year-end-awards-2016 2016 South Coast Annual Club Championships and Prize-giving - Members of Budo Karate-Do South Africa – South Coast held their annual club championships and prize-giving recently at which all the gold medal winners and the best achievers during 2016 were honoured. Back Row (L To R): Nicholas Kalamoudacos, Ali Muzananemho, Kumaren Pillay, Caleb Thompson, Dylan Conradie, Yathin Daja, Osten Luthywathi, Chanlin Naicker. Front Row […]

  • Gashku_2017-136 Brown & Black Belt Gashku and Grading 2017 - Budo Karate-Do South Africa held there Brown & Black Belt Gashku and Grading in Port Edward KZN South Coast. This was another success but tough grading held over the 3 days. Well done to all who worked hard to obtain their grade. A special thank you goes out to Hanshi Richard Salmon who had all […]
  • IMG_6767 2017 Highway Grading June - Another successful grading held at Waterfall Primary School. Congratulations to all that graded.