Purpose of Grading

• Encourage, promote & improve the art of Karate.
• To allow students to be able to measure their progress in Karate.
•  Allow Instructors to measure progress of their Students.
• To honour those who have attained specified levels of competence.
• To constitute a valid measurement on a National and International Scale

Requirements for Grading

In the Junior Belt division, each colour belt grading is to be followed by an advanced grade.

The advanced grade requires that the student must have on his/her belt a red stripe which will signify the advanced grade.

The advanced grade, it should be noted, is applicable from Yellow to Purple belts whereafter the red stripe will fall away.

Juniors under the age of 18 years will be required to complete approximately 40 hours of training before being allowed to enter for a colour belt grading.
In order to enter for an advanced belt grading approximately 20 hours training will be required.

In order for any Junior to obtain a Black Belt the studnet must be 14 years of age or older and will be regarded as a Junior Black belt and will not hold the rank of a Shodan.


From the age of 18 years students are classed as Seniors. Senior grades do not have the advanced grades in the syllabus but must complete appox. 40 hours of training before the are able to enter for a colour grade.

All brown belts and 1st Dan gradings must be done at Provincial Level and must be directed by the Chief Instructor of Budo Karate-Do South Africa and a Grading Panel.

All other Dan Gradings – These will be done by the Chief Instructor of South Africa together with National Grading panel and will be recogniesed Internationally.