Joos Huyzers (Sensei)

joosSensei Joos started karate back in 1982 under the late Shihan Ray Ryan of Budo-ryu and Sensei’s Louis and Johnny van Schalkwyk. The two Van Schalkwyk brothers changed their style in the late 80’s and joined up with JKF Itosu-kai (Shito-ryu). After Sensei Joos and his family moved to Louis Trichardt in 1991 he joined up with Kimura Shukokai until 1994. Sensei Joos moved back to Kempton Park and joined up with his old style JKF under Sensei Riaan van Schalkwyk and graded for his First Dan in August of 1998. Sensei Joos graded for his Second Dan in November of 2011 under Sensei Willem Kruger and International Sports Fighting Organisation. Sensei Joos met up with Shihan Kelvin Daniels in October of 2015 and is now a part of Budo Karate-do SA. In October 2016 Sensei Joos graded to 3rd Dan (Sandan).

Sensei Joos Huyzers – Third Dan
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