Maxims of Budo Karate-Do

Apply these FIVE PRINCIPLES of Budo Karate-Doto all areas of your life


Dojo Policy

Our General aims are:

  1. Cultivate good personality and strong character.
  2. Preserve correct techniques and kata.
  3. Promote friendship among members.

Our Instruction principles are:

  1. Respect the value of traditional katas.
  2. Unified study of kata and kumite
  3. Scientific approach in analysing techniques.

And Technically:

  1. Do not make any unnecessary movements.
  2. Do not use unnecessary force.
  3. Use the whole body to perform technique.

Dojo Rules & Etiquette

  1. Dojo Head is to be addressed as “Sensei” (teacher).
  2. All assistant instructors are to be addressed as “Sempai” (assistant instructor).
  3. Upon entering the Dojo a short bow should be executed and this should be repeated upon leaving the Dojo.
  4. All jewellery and sharp objects must be removed before entering the Dojo.
  5. Always ensure that shoes have been removed before entering the Dojo area.
  6. All fingernails and toenails must be kept short. No nail polish to be worn.
  7. Hair is to be clean and tied back if it is long.
  8. Your belt is to be tied in such a way that it does not cross / overlap at the back of your Gi.
  9. All Karate-Ka are required and expected to behave in a friendly manner. This includes greeting your instructors on entering or leaving the Dojo.
  10. Smoking, bad language, loud noise or running around will not be allowed in the Dojo.
  11. Once lesson has started the mind and body must be co-ordinated and be ready to react to whatever is being taught. All movements must be executed with spirit and skill.
  12. Keep adding to the spirit by working together as a team with fellow students at all times.
  13. Treat your Dojo with respect, it is your sanctuary.


* Always respect and acknowledge higher grades than yourself.

* Always set a good example to lower grades and be prepared to assist them with their training.

* Always have a positive attitude towards your Dojo, fellow Karate-Ka and your training.

* If you are disappointed with your technique during a lesson, apply yourself and overcome your weaknesses, both mentally and physically.

* Attend classes regularly to achieve perfection of character and continual preparedness of mind and body.

Regular training should become a habit.

* Karate should become a way of life to a Karate-Ka. Remaining in a constant state of preparedness becomes easier each day you train.

Welcome to the Budo Karate-Do South Africa Family.
We look forward to having you as part of our team.