Marguerite Huson (Sensei)


Sensei Marguerite started training at the age of 42. Her son was an active karateka and instead of sitting on the sidelines watching him, she decided to join the class, and has been involved ever since.

In 2007, Sensei John Ferreira decided to retire, and Sensei Marguerite, and two others, took over his club.

A year later sheI decided to go out on her own and the Scottburgh & Pennington Sport Karate Club was born.
In 2012 the Penningtton dojo closed because of lack of interest, and the name was changed to the Scottburgh Sport Karate Club.

The club has been very successful competitvely, and there is currently one karateka with Provincial colours.
In March 2013, Sensei Marguerite, Sempai Eden Jackson and Grant Thompson attended a course on Basic Sports Club Management , presented by the KZN Dept. of Sport & Recreation.

This was an extremely useful course, particularly for the two Brown Belts who will, I hope, open their own clubs one day.