Richard Salmon (Hanshi)

richardBudo Karate-Do South Africa is a full member of Karate South Afirca (KSA) and also a full member of the World Karate Federation (W.K.F.), which is the world body controlling semi-contact karate.

Bodokan South Africa was founded by Hanshi Richard Salmon in the early 1960 and he was one of the pioneers of early karate in South Africa.
Hanshi Richard was the first ever Springbok Karate captain.

He now heads up Budo Karate-Do South Africa and has studied martial arts under some of the most famous masters of all time such as Kaiso Gogen Yamaguchi of Goju-Kai (The Cat), Master Chojiro Tani founder of Shukokai and Osensei Ueshiba Morihei the founder of Aikido to name just a few